Insights Discovery Colour Wheel

Insights Discovery Colour Wheel

Businesses around the world put a high value on Psychometric profiling tools and reports as part of Managment and Leadership development programs to assist individuals in gaining knowledge and understanding of their strengths & weaknesses, areas for development and potential blind spots.

The Insights Discovery® profile is a fun, easy to use, effective, psychometric tool that supports you in engaging yourself and others, working better and more effectively together, opening up communication for you to deliver a High Performing team.

This is pretty much my opening to some of the workshops I run using the Insights Discovery® system. We have a great time learning more about the system and our character types and then in turn working out how to communicate with people who have an opposite character type to ourselves. I learn something new with every workshop i run ads each and every person brings to it everything that they are and leave with a greater understanding of self and others.

Insights Discovery® is different from other profiling tests, and there are many out there all based on the same theories, it uses simple and massively effective use of a colour system, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue (Insights® Colour Energies) to help individuals remember their personal preferences and more easily identify the behavioral styles of others.

I have recently been doing a lot of work with groups of managers in an organisation and seeing some excellent results. I love to hear the feedback from the groups when we come together and discuss whats been happening. One manager who had been having difficulty with a member of their team decided to sit down with them and talk them through the model.

The manager had never really understood or built any real relationship with the team member. In fact, they had already told the group how difficult they found this team member and that something needed to be done about them (the company has a history for “Managing Out” perceived poor performance). So, they took them through the system, explaining all the wonderful characteristics of each of the four colour energies and together they made a decision about where this person sits on the colour wheel. Then, together, and I say together a lot as this we definitely and example of two people partnering to be able to communicate better with each other; Together, they made a plan of how best to communicate with each other moving forward. During the discussion they had found themselves to be polar opposites in character type.

I nearly leapt over the room and hugged the manager as I tend to get quite excited when I see how people use the learning from a programme so well. They went on to tell us that in the five weeks since they had done this they had built a strong relationship and the team member was doing more work more effectively than ever before. They were no longer a problem and in fact were on fast track to becoming their best team member ever….

So there it is, this is why Insights Discovery® works. It works to improve your personal effectiveness by knowing and understanding yourself and others. It creates a common language between you and your team that drives performance improvement. Really importantly it empowers you and your team members to recognise, value and optimise the benefit of difference. Why not give it a go and transform the interpersonal dynamics, productivity and culture at your workplace?