The Manager in Me
Management Development Training Programme

Part 1: Understanding Self and Others in Management Development

Insight Discovery Benefits

Using the Insights Discovery process, this one-of-a-kind workshop is designed to give you practical, actionable ways to adapt your communication to eliminate all the issues other teams often struggle with. During the workshop we explore your own personal style and how you can adapt to get the best out of your team and each individual.

Management development programme in Manchester

Part 2: Managing and Developing Performance

What Actually is an Insight Discovery Practitioner?

Managerial Development Programme in Manchester

Understanding at what stage of development each team members are for each specific task they complete for you is no easy job. During this session we work to assess development levels and look at the flexibility of your management style that is needed to drive high performance. During this workshop we take a look at each development level, the needs as people develop, and create an action plan for each member of the team.

Part 3: The Manager as Coach

Benefits of Manager Training

A successful manager and coach helps individuals to find solutions themselves which can improve their performance and free the managers time to focus more on their own priorities. We take the time to develop skills around a coaching model, we look at the practical use of the model and take time to practise using it. At the end of this day managers attending the workshop are all set to support their team members achieve High Performance.

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Part 4: Managing Self and Others Time

Benefits of Corporate Leadership Training in Birmingham

Action Plan for Managerial Training

There is never enough time in the day to get everything you need completed as well as managing the team and everyones priorities. We will develop simple, proven techniques that guarantee results. All you have to do is to use them, every day. By completing an end-of-course Action Plan, you will put in place the ways by which you will work smarter, better – driving High Performance all day, every day.

Learning Outcomes For Management and Development


  • Finally gained the recognition you deserve within your organisation by learning how to recognise the preferences of key stakeholders and adapt behaviour
  • Developed a harmonious, high performing team by understanding how your personal preferences impacted other team members
  • Watch your career take off by gaining an understanding of the real value you bring to a team and an organisation
  • Forge powerful relationships by developing interpersonal skills and heightening your ability to build rapport with members in your team and organisation


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Who is This Management Programme For?

The Power of Soft Skills: Why Investing in Employee Training Matters



  • Ambitious managers looking to develop shared purpose within their team
  • Experienced, hands-on managers who want to help develop their team to become more self-reliant
  • New managers looking to make an immediate impact


How is This Different To Other Management Programmes?



Unlike other management development workshops, you’ll receive highly personalised feedback which you can implement and use in your team immediately. What you learn and discover during the Insights Discovery Management Communication workshop will be valuable beyond the day and will help inform your decision-making and communication well into the future.

Personality Types

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