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Selling Skills 1 Day Workshop
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Sales Effectiveness with Insights Discovery

Sales Development Training In Manchester

We can assist you with delivering the sales training you require, whether you need to bring your sales force back to the fundamentals, only need a “refresher” course to re-energise your staff, or need to entirely revitalise the sales culture.

You can develop your selling skills by taking one of our authorised sales training courses from our specialised collection. Regardless of whether you wish to comprehend the fundamentals or develop your negotiating skills. We can help you greatly enhance the performance of your business.

Once we have a complete understanding of the skills that your sales staff posses—their strengths, limitations, and gaps—we actually get to work. If you want your staff to improve all at once, we can completely customise our seminars to your business with our individualised training. This will allow them to thrive in a real-time, interactive atmosphere.

The courses offered by LearningCog will promote growth on all fronts. We can assist you in motivating your team to achieve goals and KPIs.

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Our 1 Day Selling Skills Workshop In Manchester

Any profit-making company that wants to stay in business must make sales in order to stay in business and your sales crew either represents your most valuable asset or your biggest problem.

The important actions that sellers must take in order to create momentum and finish agreements must be known to them. Transparency and security are provided by Learning Cog, which was developed with a distinct view of the future of selling in mind. Learning Cog empowers every seller with the knowledge of what, when, how and why.

By providing you with the knowledge and strategies to understand the sales process and how to handle objections, our one-day training will help you close more deals and surpass your objectives. Together, we examine the fundamental selling techniques as well as a range of other doable tactics to help you create a solid connection with your clients and consistently exceed your sales goals.

Give your team the sales knowledge they need to boost their performance and help your business grow sustainably.

Consultative Selling Training In Manchester

3-Day Masterclass

The buyers of today are intelligent, but they want the assistance of sales professionals to analyse their needs and find solutions that produce the necessary business results. To enable them to provide value to the purchasing process and set themselves apart from the competition, your sales staff needs consultative sales training.

The Consultative Selling training course from Learning Cog emphasises the crucial format of a sales conversation. It offers a potent road map for an effective, customer-focused conversation.

Our three-day Masterclass addresses all pertinent issues and demonstrates how mastering the key phases of consultative selling is essential for building relationships that are significantly deeper, richer, and more profitable, where asking for the sale is the logical conclusion of a solution-based strategy.

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Negotiation Skills Training Manchester

1 Day Workshop

The Negotiation Skills Training course will equip attendees with the skills necessary to take control of negotiation situations and ensure that the results they create are in your best interests of the your organisation. Representatives’ task is to provide elevated products that protect profitability while creating enduring relationships with their customers.

Our experts at Learning Cog will help you create successful negotiation skills and strategies for a range of situations. Our negotiation training courses therefore give you the opportunity to sharpen your negotiating skills and dramatically impact your clients using our practical negotiation scenarios.

Delivering a presentation that earns clients requires more than just having the greatest goods; you also need to have a compelling, assured pitch.

Insights Discovery Workshop Manchester

Interpersonal communication and job performance are improved using a powerful psychometric tool called Insights Discovery. It produces charismatic leaders, strengthens individual influence, increases team productivity, and forges tighter ties with customers.

The workshop’s objective is to give you practical, actionable advice for improving your communication. After the programme, you’ll have new abilities to help you address common communication issues that teams and individuals commonly face. If you’re not familiar with colour energies, you should start with this session.

You will learn your unique communication style and how you may modify it to maximise every interaction with others while considering your strengths, places for growth, and potential blind spots. We also devote time to discussing ways to strengthen your capacity for influence and motivation.