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Sales Development Training London

Your sales teams require clear direction and training now more than ever to provide them the knowledge, self-assurance, and market-adaptation abilities they need.

With our specialised selection of authorised sales training courses, you may improve your selling abilities. Whether you want to improve your negotiating abilities or understand the foundations. We can assist you in significantly improving your company’s performance.

We truly go to work after we have a thorough understanding of the talents that your sales staff possesses—their strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. We can entirely tailor our workshops to your business with our personalised training, enabling your staff to flourish in a real-time, interactive environment if you want them all to develop at once.

LearningCog’s courses will encourage development on all fronts. We can help you inspire your workforce to meet objectives and KPIs.

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Selling Skills Workshop In London

Any for-profit business depends on sales to operate, and your sales team either represents your most valuable asset or your greatest problem.

Both buying and selling don’t follow a straight path. Sellers must be aware of and take the crucial steps necessary to generate momentum and close deals. Learning Cog, which was created with a unique vision for the future of selling in mind, provides clarity and gives every seller the confidence to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why.

This one-day training will give you the tools and tactics to comprehend the sales process and how to deal with objections, enabling you to close more deals and surpass your goals. Together, we analyse the essential selling strategies and a variety of other practical strategies to assist you in building a strong rapport with your clients and constantly exceeding your sales targets.

Give your staff the sales expertise they need to improve their performance and sustainably expand your company.

Consultative Selling Training In London

Although today’s consumers are knowledgeable, they still seek the advice of sales experts to analyse their demands and identify solutions that deliver the required business results. Your sales team needs consultative sales training if they want to provide value to the purchasing process and stand out from the crowd.

The important structure of a sales interaction is emphasised in the Learning Cog training programme on consultative selling. It provides a strong framework for a dialogue that is productive and customer-focused.

Our three-day Masterclass covers all relevant topics and explains how mastering the major stages of consultative selling is crucial for developing bonds that are a great deal broader, deeper, and more lucrative, where pitching for the sale is the obvious outcome of a solution-based approach.

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Negotiation Skills Training London

1 Day Workshop

The Negotiation Skills Training course will give participants the tools they need to take charge of negotiation situations and make sure the outcomes they produce are the most beneficial to your company. The challenge for delegates is to develop high-value products that safeguard margins while forging enduring bonds with their clients.

At Learning Cog, our professionals will assist you in developing effective negotiation techniques and negotiation strategies for a variety of circumstances. As a result, through our realistic negotiation simulations, our negotiation training courses enable you to improve your negotiating abilities and significantly influence your clients.

It takes more than having the best product to deliver a presentation that wins business; you also need to have a strong, confident pitch. If you’re having trouble or need help, you might want to think about taking a negotiation course.

Insights Discovery Workshop London

A potent psychometric tool called Insights Discovery improves interpersonal interactions and job performance. It creates charismatic leaders, enhances personal influence, maximises team effectiveness, and forges closer connections with clients.

The goal of the workshop is to provide you with useful, doable suggestions for changing your communication. After the training, you’ll have new skills to assist you resolve typical communication problems that both individuals and teams encounter frequently. This session is a great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with colour energies.

While examining your capabilities, areas for development, and possible blind spots, you will discover your individual style of communication and how you may adapt to make the most of every interaction with others. Additionally, we spend time considering how to improve your motivational and influencing abilities.

Any salesman or customer consultant can immediately put the insightful ideas they get from this interactive seminar into practise.

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