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Leadership & Management Development Programmes in London

There has never been as an important time to invest in your leaders and managers than in the current economic climate. Successful organisations all have one thing in common – strong leadership and management with a motivated workforce. LearningCog have a range of tried and tested training programmes available and any of these can be customised to suit your specific business needs.

The leadership and management development path that we recommend begins with Step into Management, followed by The Manager in Me and then onto Model of Leadership. We also have shorter courses that can supplement your leadership and management journey such as Building Trust, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.

If you are unsure of what you need, we can work together to identify your development needs and build a programme from the ground up.

management development programmes in London

Step Into Management (SiM)
Management Development Training Programme

The Step into Management (SiM) Programme has been designed to develop the skills to be effective managers who can maximise potential within their team and business, creating and building influential colleagues able to deliver focussed, clear goals and objectives.

The content of the programme has been designed in line with current thinking around management and behavioural development, looking at what is needed to make every new manager successful in leading their team. LearningCog’s dedicated team of specialists will deliver an interactive, practical and supportive development programme.

Most importantly, the SiM programme is fun, engaging and enjoyable, allowing managers to put into practice learning straight away as they develop. Managers can take from the programme what they need and implement it and make the programme their own.

management development training
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The Manager in Me
Management Development Training Programme

What makes a good manager, great?

As a manager, it is an expectation of you to juggle the responsibility of managing a team whilst achieving great results for your organisation. If your team struggles to share the same drive and vision as yourself, it can negatively impact team output, leading to poor results. As managers, we constantly look for ways to help our team perform better. By using the unique colour system of the Insights Discovery process, we’ll show you how to understand your personal style and use your strengths to communicate with your team in a way that delivers results quicker and easier.

LearningCog’s The Manager in Me Management Development Training Programme can be adapted and bespoke to your organisational needs, but generally the workshop would be divided into four parts, or days.

Management training programme

Model of Leadership Programme

LearningCog’s Leadership Development Programme will inspire your senior members of staff to lead with passion, vision and integrity. Our practical training improves the effectiveness of your leaders that is not only enjoyable but delivers continuous engagement within their teams. Developing positive leadership sparks true inspiration to the people around them; creating a happy and engaged environment.

Our Leadership Development Programme explores leadership in all aspects of your business. We support leaders to examine their effectiveness in all the areas they need to influence. We then work to create strategies for performance improvement and continuous personal development, for the leader, for the team and your organisation.

Leadership development training programmes

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass For Managers

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a well-established set of emotional and social skills that contribute significantly to performance, engagement and success. Emotional Intelligence aids the ability to understand yourself, and others – to identify your feelings and how to use them appropriately in any situation.

The use of Emotional Intelligence influences the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

emotional intelligence in manchester
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Building Trust As A Leader

LearningCog’s Building Trust Model

Trust takes time to gain, seconds to lose, and forever to build it back up again. The level of trust everyone holds within an organisation with colleagues, their manager and the leaders determines how well they work together and how productive the organisation is. One of the primary factors affecting employee turnover is whether or not there is a trusting relationship between manager and employee.

To drive High Performance, we must look to how much Trust is built within the relationships across the whole organisation. While almost all employers consider Trust in the workplace to be of significant importance, many are unaware of the actions that build or erode Trust.

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