Project Description

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Delivering Change & Management Style

Rentokil Initial are a world leading services company specialising in Pest Control, Hygiene, Medical Services, Workwear and Plants through their company Ambius. Due to fast expansion through Asian markets and the merging of all businesses into one entity, Rentokil Initial were looking to deliver a Leadership development programme for their top team across Asia.

The programme needed to focus on delivering change and management style. The delegate group was identified as the senior leadership team of 45.

Due to industry knowledge and outstanding results on previous programmes LearningCog were chosen to design and deliver the programme.

LearningCog Development Programme

LearningCog designed a programme that would last for six months and take the leaders on a journey of development that would best support the change they needed to make in the business. During this stage it was identified that the next level of managers would also benefit form the programme that had been designed and the remit was increased to 200 managers.

Delegates attended five one day workshops across the following subjects:

  • Emotional Intelligence and the Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Motivation and Leadership – using the Situation Leadership Model
  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Planning for Success
  • Achieving Performance through Sales and Negotiations

It was also identified that the original senior leadership team would have a personal coach to take them through the full program.

Results From The Development Training Programme

The success of the programme was measured through the delegates being able to move forward with the changes in the business and generate new sales across the whole of the business offering.

Due to the success of the initial programme it was rolled out a further 140 people within the Asia team and a further 3 programmes were run in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In total 385 Managers and Leaders attend programmes run by LearningCog. The programme was then adopted by the UK Rentokil Initial delivery team and rolled out across all UK businesses. LearningCog then went on to deliver to a further 98 managers across Norway, Sweden, Finland Germany and Denmark

“The session included in this programme are not only engaging, useful for skills and knowledge development but have had a dramatic affect on the results across the Asian team” Gazal Nissar, Head of Learning and Development RI Asian Pacific