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My360Goals | Complete 360 Feedback & Goals.

My360Goals is an innovative 360 review and feedback tool that allows individuals to look at their current performance from multiple angles as well as plan goals and get direct feedback on their personal and professional development.

Practical and actionable

Most 360’s are great at the time and then just sit and gather dust in a drawer. My360Goals takes the 360 feedback process and transforms it into a practical, actionable plan to help employees develop using objective, honest feedback from those around them.

Empowering and engaging

My360Goals allows you to place responsibility for managing development into the hands of your employees. By giving them all the tools they need to gain their own feedback, then direct where their attention should be focused through their goals, engagement in the process increases.

Enhancing the appraisal process

Only appraising your workforce from a management point of view can be limiting and subjective. Combining My360Goals with your existing appraisal system gives you a sound basis for future conversations with employees and a better understanding of your organisations strengths and weaknesses from a developmental perspective.

Simple, easy-to-use interface

My360Goals has been deigned with you in mind. The simplicity the system keeps the feedback and response mechanism as simple and easy-to-use as possible. No technical knowledge is required keeping support requests to a minimum and ensuring maximum engagement from employees.

Self-managing and convenient

No paperwork! You maintain control over the 360 process with the fully automated system. Get a quick snapshot of feedback and goals for each employee in real-time or a wider view across the whole organisation quickly using a cloud based system. My360Goals streamlines the process so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Tailored to you

My360Goals comes with a selection of  question sets for Leadership, Management and Sales, you have access to all the feedback tools required to develop every part of your organisation. If you need a bespoke feedback based on your company’s values and competencies, we offer a full consultancy service to provide everything you need.