Model of Leadership Programme

Part 1: The Leader in Me

Manager & Leader Programme

The three day workshop explores the role of a manager and the role of a leader, looking at the different skills used for each role and when the best time to use them is. We use the Discovery Insights Psychometric model to explore personal effectiveness and develop self-awareness. Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? – Inclusive of Discovery Insights Report for each delegate.

The full workshop is designed to engage with each leader showing them the full model of Insights and how the four colours are represented. The workshop looks at a team effectiveness model and how the Insights colours can support team development moving forward from the day.

During Part one of the programme we introduce leaders to Leadership and Behaviour Modelling – encouraging innovation and creative problem solving. Learners will look at what the Leadership Modelling Project is and start their personal project and plan for self-directed learning.

The Importance Of Leadership Development In Today's Business World

Part 2: Leading Effective Teams

What to expect when being a manager

Leading High Performance Teams

Part 2’s three day workshop starts with an Emotional Intelligence Masterclass. This masterclass is inclusive of the EQi2:0 Emotional Intelligence report. The whole first day takes time to look at Emotional Intelligence and fully understand what the key strengths are for each delegate within their role and organisational context.

Emotional Intelligence looks at delegates’ ability to build long-term, productive, relationships, to influence others and motivate their teams. Success depends on how well they manage their emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional Intelligence is widely regarded as the number one behavioural skill for any great leader.

From here we look at what makes an effective team and start to build an understanding of the Situational Leadership model for driving high performance. We complete the three days by looking at Coaching for High performance and develop skills around coaching techniques.

Part 3: Leading and Managing Change

Leaders & Managers, Managing Change

During this two day workshop we explore the wider context of change and identify adaptive changes which enable teams and individuals to respond to new and changing needs. Leaders and managers play an integral role as change agents within their organisation. The way they influence across the organisation is pivotal to the success of any change initiative.

We take time to look at influencing skills and how to adapt style to better lead change. Develop a range of communication approaches to ensure that each leader is aware of the impact they have so that their teams feel informed and involved in the process. Day two of the workshop looks at skills around conflict resolution, managing conflict and understanding and developing a feedback culture.

Team Leader training Brighton

Leading in a Wider Business Context

Benefits of Corporate Leadership Training in Birmingham

Managing & Leading Within an Organisation

The final part of the programme, this three day workshop looks at the complexities of managing and leading within organisations. Being able to develop strategic business skills, managing up, down and across the organisation. This takes place in a business situation exercise that all leaders take part in. The final stages of the workshop we look at the Model of Leadership where each Leader gets the opportunity to present back their personal research project to the group.

1-2-1 Coaching

Leaders & Manager Progress Review

Based on the 360 review results, delegates will form a coaching relationship with a suitable LearningCog coach who has the right strengths for that individual. This coaching relationship will last throughout the whole programme. 121 coaching sessions will take place once per-month for one hour outside of the workshops. Coaches will gain an understanding of the issues currently being faced in the organisation along with individual development needs.

Benefits of being an understanding leader

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