Now if you have read any of our previous blogs then you will have probably heard us going on about something called Rapport. Well of course that’s because it is really important when it comes to selling.Here is another technique that can help to build good rapport between you and your customers.

Rapport is the foundation for effective communication and positive relationship-building. It stems from finding and/or creating common ground. In general, customers like people like themselves. So one of the easiest ways to build rapport and ensure store contacts feel comfortable with you is to be as much like them as you can. This means subtly and sincerely adapting what you say and do to suit the way they do things.


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Resistance from your customers is usually a sign of lack of rapport. The great news is that your skills in rapport-building can be easily developed and enhanced by practising matching techniques.

You can use these matching techniques just as effectively over the telephone, when matching voice qualities becomes even more important. For example, if the customer is talking quickly and loudly, ensure that you talk quickly and loudly. Matching is something that we all do naturally when we are in rapport. By thoroughly understanding this process you can start to use it when you want to build relationships.