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Discover Leadership Effectiveness and inspire your leaders to lead with
passion, vision and integrity

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Leadership Effectiveness

Improve the effectiveness of your Leadership team in a practical and sustainable method that is not only an enjoyable experience for them but delivers continuous engagement with their teams. Develop leadership teams that are a true inspiration to the people around them and create a happy engaged team. 

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is perfect if you want to:

  • Transform your business with a leadership development programme that changes commutation styles
  • Support your leaders in developing adaptable approaches that motivate and inspire your teams
  • Create continue improvement through developing and understanding of leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Build High performing Teams

The possibilities are endless

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness starts by exploring leadership in all aspects of your business and puts the Discovery Insights model into context. The programme works so that leaders can examine their effectiveness in all the areas they need to influence. We then work to create strategies for performance improvement and continuous personal development, for the leader, for the team and for the whole organisation.

This programme can be designed to fully compliment your current leadership development activities or used as a stand alone development programme.

The Insights Discovery® Profile is not a stand-alone report. LearningCog uses the information gathered as the basis for Customer Service Programmes, Leadership Development, Management Development, Sales Training, and very often on large change programmes. We can offer full day programmes, half days and as part of a longer term project. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and any training is always delivered by an accredited Insights practitioner.

All Insights programmes run by LearningCog are:

  • Simple – Discovery Insights is easy to understand and remember – everyone can apply what they learn during and long after the workshop
  • Universal – Everyone takes part and the language speaks to everyone, your whole team and organisation can be involved in the Insights magic
  • Deeply Insightful – The Discovery Insights profile takes you on a journey you never expected
  • Positive – Creating an environment that empowers people to make effective change
  • Fun! all our workshops are fun and interactive that create excitement long after the workshop has taken place