Do you struggle with closing sales? Well here are our five top tips to increasing your chance of closing a sale.

There are many closing techniques that you can use and every manager will have a particular technique that they prefer. Sometimes the one which you choose to use could depend on the customer and their attitude or personality.

Tip 1:

Technique: Alternative – Offers more than one clearly defined alternative. With this technique you assume the customer is going to agree/buy the product/service, there is just one question left which one should they choose?  Example “Would you like me to order 100 cases or 200 cases?” “Would you like it in red or in blue?”

Tip 2:

Technique: Assumptive – Act as if the customer has already agreed to your actions. Confident assumption towards the customers makes it difficult for them to say no or deny this. If choosing this technique try to ask questions like “Will 200 boxes be enough?”  A question that they can only really answer with “yes”

Tip 3:

Technique: Best Time – When your customer is procrastinating emphasise that ‘now’ is the best time to agree actions. This technique highlights that the customer will benefit from deciding ‘now’ rather than waiting and maybe suffering negative consequences.

Tip 4:

Technique: Fear – Make a short term offer that may not be available in the longer term. This will hurry the customer by implying that there is less time to make a good decision or they may lose out on the offer. Example “This offer ends tomorrow so it is your last chance to buy” “This product is discontinued so we probably won’t be getting anymore”

Tip 5:

Technique: Direct – Ask the customer directly for their decision. This gets straight to the point and brings their decision to a speedy conclusion. Example: “Shall I go ahead and place the order?”

Using anyone of these techniques, or even all of them combined if you are feeling determined, should increase your chance of having a successful sale. Good Luck!