Body language is 48% more powerful than words according to Robert Birdwhistle’s research in 1970.

Face-to-Face communication is based on 3 factors: our body language, our voice qualities and the words that we use. In fact, most of our communication happens non-verbally.  Contrary to popular belief, what we say is actually less important than the way in which we say it and this is true even when communicating over the telephone.

Body Language is all the non-verbal communication we make – both conscious and unconscious. The reason why it is so important? Well firstly it determines the way in which we come across to other people and if we send the right message or not. Secondly it enable us to read the signals that another person is sending back.

Body language can include, body posture, gestures, eye movement and facial expressions.

It is significant to communication and relationships. It is relevant to management and leadership in business and also in places where it can be observed by many people.


Body language is especially important when building rapport with customers, creating the right impression and sending the right signals to a customer is vital. If you have rapport with your customers then they are more likely to trust you, listen to you and communicate openly with you.

Matching your customers body language, voice qualities and types of words they use is an effective way of building rapport.This in turn enables you to interact more comfortably and work more effectively together, which gives you a higher chance of being able to take action in store.