You can’t turn on the news at the moment without hearing more bad news about the struggling state of the economy, rising debt and the human costs associated with keeping small businesses afloat. Yet a quiet revolution amongst discerning businesses looking for growth rather than survival has shown that simply by understanding and developing engagement across their business has an almost instantaneous impact on their bottom line. In fact, research shows that organisations achieving double-digit growth have extremely high levels of workforce and customer engagement. The quickest and most cost effective way to build engagement is by developing leaders, executive boards, entrepreneurs, senior management and sales teams Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (also known as “EI’ or “EQ”) is now a well established set of “Competencies” that contribute significantly to performance, engagement and success. The importance of “EQ” compared to “IQ” increases the higher up the management ladder you are and the more people you have to communicate with. Why? Because as the pace of change speeded up and old certainties started to fade, people began to realise that the old-fashioned command-and-control style of leadership, communicating, and selling wasn’t cutting it. The heart is more important than the head when it comes to motivating people and connecting with customers.

Emotionally Intelligent people possess high levels of self-esteem and are comfortable in their own skin. They are genuine and authentic. Whilst they have the ability to adapt their behaviour, essentially they are always true to their real self. As a result they appear dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate. They listen to their intuition and communicate from their hearts as well as their heads. How can you engage people by logic alone? People with developed emotional intelligence traits have a compelling vision that others feel a connection with. This creates a magnetic force that draws people to follow them.

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is not a given. You can improve your own EQ levels just as you can hone other skills. During Learning Cog’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Masterclass, starting with ‘Self-awareness’, we explain how to assess you own emotional intelligence and how to develop your EQ awareness. We also explain how emotional intelligence works at an organisational level and its importance as an essential ingredient of communication skills within the modern business framework.

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