How many times do you hear yourself or other people say ‘can’t’?

Too many?

Often we have no idea whether we can actually do something or not because we have never actually tried!

Imagine the things that we could do if we all freed ourselves from the limitations imposed by the word ‘can’t’.

It’s interesting to think that the word ‘cannot’, linguistically, is made up of ‘can’ and ‘not’ – so it actually means that you are capable of ‘not doing’ whatever it is that you think you can’t do! Of course this is word-play, but it does offer a different perspective. Often when someone says “I can’t” what they are really saying is “I choose not to.”

Like Fritz Perls said “Don’t say I can’t, say I won’t.”

Of course a lot of the time when trying to sell to people you are going to hear that dreaded word a number of times with people trying to wiggle out of buying from you. But as it stated above most of the time it is not the fact that they ‘can’t’ its the fact they are choosing not too. Therefore one top tip always make sure you challenge “I can’t” statements whether they are your own or other peoples.

Here are a few questions to help you challenge…

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