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Selling Skills Training

Do you want to:

  • Use best-practice Selling Techniques in every customer interaction?
  • Understand your Customers more and give them what they want, every time?
  • Pre-empt and overcome decision maker objections that will accelerate your sales conversation.
  • Confidently lead value-based sales conversations with all your customers?
  • Consistently hit your sales targets and drive personal high performance?
  • Make Closing a sale the easiest thing you do?

This one-day workshop covers the sales process in a logical sequence, giving you new skills to use at each stage of the sales process. Together, we look at the key selling skills: Understanding Consultative Selling, What is Rapport, Presenting Benefits, Trial Closing Techniques, Objection Handling with many more handy skills to help you build a strong relationship with your customer, and hit your sales targets every time.

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Who is it For?

This programme is especially effective for all salespeople, sales people who want to further improve their skills, or those who need to differentiate their sales approach from the competition. If you are new to sales or have been working in sales for a while this is a great way to improve all you skills

What the Delegates say…

“Participant feedback at the end of the training was glowing and unanimous in capturing just how much everyone had learnt and had acquired new skills in a short space of time. All of this was down to the trainers’ delivery, insight, guidance and direction that had provided. Without any hesitation I could recommend Learning Cog to anyone.” 

-Andy Shaw, Universal Weather and Aviation UK

Pricing for 1 day Selling Skills Training:

  • Multiple booking discount available

Workshop Dates & Locations

London Monday 13th June – Fully Booked

London Monday 12th September – Fully Booked 

London Friday 27th July

Workshop Agenda

9.30am until 4.30pm with lunch and breaks

  • Welcome but no introductions…
  • Task Vs Relationship
  • Creating Perfect Sales Person
  • What is consultative selling?
  • Questioning skills
  • The process of closing
  • The CSP Model
  • Trail closing
  • Rapport and the Personality Map
  • Features or Benefits
  • Preparing yourself for success