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Management Development Training Course

What makes a good manager, great?

Juggling the responsibility of managing a team and achieving results for your company is what you do. But, sometimes, does it feel as though your team struggles to share your vision and your drive to get results? And are you and your team’s achievements often overlooked by others within your organisation?

As managers, we constantly look for ways to help our team perform better. By using the unique colour system of the Insights Discovery process, we’ll show you how to understand your personal style and use your strengths to communicate with your team in a way that delivers results quicker and easier.

Finding the optimal path in how you deal with your team can:

  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Empower your team to work to your vision without constant direction
  • Create a high-performance environment which reflects positively within your organisation
  • Grow your business and satisfy your customers every time

Everything flows from understanding our individual character and our personal style. If you manage in line with your personal style and communicate effectively from this point, you’ll make a positive difference within your team and fly within your organisation.

Using the Insights Discovery process, this one-of-a-kind workshop is designed to give your practical, actionable ways to adapt your communication to eliminate all the issues other teams often struggle with.

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Management Development Workshop

Managers who have attended our workshop have:

  • Finally gained the recognition they deserve within their organisation by learning how to recognise the preferences of key stakeholders and adapt their behaviour
  • Developed a harmonious, high performing team by understanding how their personal preferences impacted other team members
  • Seen their career take off by gaining an understanding of the real value they bring to a team and an organisation
  • Forged powerful relationships by developing their interpersonal skills and heightening their ability to build rapport with members within their team and organisation

Taking the step to understand themselves has paid dividends to the hundreds of forward-looking managers who we’ve supported at LearningCog. Join us on a workshop and discover for yourself how to use your personal and unique strengths to build the team and career your desire.

Who is it for?

  • Ambitious managers looking to develop shared purpose within their team
  • Experienced, hands-on managers who want to help develop their team to become more self-reliant
  • New managers looking to make an immediate impact

How are we different from other workshops?

Unlike other management development workshops, you’ll receive highly personalised feedback which you can implement and use in your team immediately. What you learn and discover during the Insights Discovery Management Communication workshop will be valuable beyond the day and will help inform your decision-making and communication well into the future.

More than this, at LearningCog we’ll ensure the whole process is engaging and continually interactive while keeping a firm focus on the reason we’re there: to help you develop as a manager.

Our workshops are developed from leading research and practice placing sharp focus on the areas where developing managers gain the most benefit from practical support: knowing and managing yourself and others, understanding communication with the benefits and pitfalls and optimising your management style to get the best out of your team.

Our approach is highly immersive and it’s for that reason our attendees have seen incredible results when they’ve returned to their business.

At the workshop, you’ll play an active role in identifying and understanding your own development as a manager and together we’ll create a targeted personal development plan you’ll take back to your workplace and put into action straight away.

You’ll start making a difference to your team, your organisation and your career the very next working day.

This workshop was a fantastic mix of Management Development, with and engaging and entertaining training style. The “insight” that we took away from this training has proved invaluable to our business and the way we manage and communicate with employees and customers. I would recommend LearningCog to any organisation or individual looking for inspirational but practical development.

Mike Robinson, Euphoria Lifestyle Ltd

Our Insights training day delivered by LearningCog was a truly refreshing and enlightening day that really engaged our managers in the importance of building effective relationships to be able to manage, adapt and connect with their teams. Ric is a highly competent and experienced trainer who shared his extensive knowledge of the science behind Insights with his infectious enthusiasm and commitment. I have no hesitation in recommending LearningCog to any company who are looking for practical, interactive and engaging learning events that really meet the needs of colleagues and their businesses.

Jane Fletcher, DX