Building Trust

LearningCog’s Building Trust Model

Trust takes time to gain, seconds to lose, and forever to build it back up again.

The level of trust everyone holds within an organisation with colleagues, their manager and the leaders determines how well they work together and how productive the organisation is. One of the primary factors affecting employee turnover is whether or not there is a trusting relationship between manager and employee.

To drive High Performance, we must look to how much Trust is built within the relationships across the whole organisation. While almost all employers consider Trust in the workplace to be of significant importance, many are unaware of the actions that build or erode Trust.

Team work

The LearningCog four C’s of Building Trust

The four c's of building trust

Trust360 Feedback Tool

This one day workshop supports managers and leaders in how to build trust and increase performance, engagement, and commitment. Before the workshop delegates take part in our innovative Trust360 to learn the impact they have on building or eroding trust with the people around them.

Trust360 is a 360 degree feedback tool that compares your perceptions of how you are trusted in your organisation, with those of the colleagues and staff members you work with. The survey looks at the four C’s, key areas that influence Trust in the workplace.

During the workshop you will:

→  Understand the Four C’s of Building Trust

→  Take part in the Trust360 and evaluate your own report

→  Learn where you build Trust or Erode Trust in your organisation

→  Create an action plan to develop more trusting skills and behaviours

→  Know the impact of your Management and Leadership style

Attending this workshop will enable you to create your Management and Leadership style on a basis of Trust within your business.