Relationships for Continuous Growth

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Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence I recently read that Carnegie Institute of Technology have presented research that shows 85% of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering”, the way that you communicate, lead, negotiate and build relationships. This means that only 15% is down to your technical ability. The last [...]

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Good Boss, Bad Boss

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  “No one ever left an organisation, they leave Managers”, I heard this said recently at a seminar I was attending. I have heard it said many many times before and have, on occasion, said something similar myself. In part, I think it is true but it is not as black and white as was [...]

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The Power of Failure

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The most successful people in the world right now and throughout history are so because they dared to fail in order to succeed. There is no failure, only feedback.... Of course there is failure. If you take a driving test or exam you either pass or fail. Sales people will either succeed in achieving their [...]

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Reaching for the Moon or a Mop

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A story has been told over and over in conversations worldwide of how United States President John Kennedy once visited NASA. He passed a cleaner working away and asked him what his job was. An interesting enough situation for a President to ask someone what they do when it is obvious, however, the cleaner replied [...]

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Is coming first the best option

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The news and media this week are filled with stories of Misha B voted off by the general public in the UK version of X Factor. Throughout the whole of the series Misha has shown a huge amounts talent and in the words of the judges any record company would sign her without hesitation. So [...]

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