5 Tips for a Successful Day

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                   5 Tips for a Successful Day Success is a most desired thing …it is sweet, charming and attractive. Whatever our view of success is, climbing the corporate ladder or doing a great job, being the best at what we do, what ever it is [...]

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The Happiness Effect

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The Happiness Effect The sun comes out and a wonderful thing happens across the country, everyones state of happiness is elevated. Even more so on a Friday as everyone leaves work for the weekend full of wonder at what the days of rest may bring. Bear gardens fill up with the chitter chatter [...]

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Is competition good for small businesses?

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Many people when running a business think it's a good idea to try and avoid competition within the market. Now everyone has their own opinion, it really depends on the type of business you are running and the people that you work with. It doesn't work for everyone. BUT here are a few reasons why [...]

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Leadership Characteristics

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To some people being a leader just comes naturally for others it needs to be worked at. However it is possible for anyone to be a leader as long as they possess a few key skills and characteristics that makes a successful leader. It's not an easy role you know. I came across an article [...]

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Management and Leadership. Is there a difference?

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I was browsing the internet earlier today when I stumbled across an article on The Guardian online site. It was as if it had been placed there purposely as it was perfect for me to base todays blog on. The article was based on outlining the difference between leadership and management, two distinct concepts that [...]