The Happiness Effect

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The Happiness Effect The sun comes out and a wonderful thing happens across the country, everyones state of happiness is elevated. Even more so on a Friday as everyone leaves work for the weekend full of wonder at what the days of rest may bring. Bear gardens fill up with the chitter chatter [...]

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Features and Benefits, what’s the difference?

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Nobody who bought an alarm clock wanted an alarm clock…   Last week I was running a sales training workshop with a group of experienced sales people. Some had been on previous training programmes over the years and all of them thought they could explain the difference between a Feature and a Benefit, [...]


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Now if you have read any of our previous blogs then you will have probably heard us going on about something called Rapport. Well of course that's because it is really important when it comes to selling.Here is another technique that can help to build good rapport between you and your customers. Rapport is the [...]

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Face-To-Face Communication

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Body language is 48% more powerful than words according to Robert Birdwhistle's research in 1970. Face-to-Face communication is based on 3 factors: our body language, our voice qualities and the words that we use. In fact, most of our communication happens non-verbally.  Contrary to popular belief, what we say is actually [...]

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Fulfilling Requirements – Positive Language

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Language is a very powerful tool and the way you express yourself will affect whether your proposals are received positively or negatively. Even when you are conveying unpleasant news, the impact can be softened byt the use of what we call positive language. Everything you say to your customers affects their thoughts and emotions. If [...]

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Rapport Skills, building blocks for business growth

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Rapport is the foundation for effective communication and positive relationship-building. It stems from finding and/or creating common ground. The ability to build rapport with customers is vitally important. Why? Because, if you have rapport with your customers they are more likely to trust you, listen to you and communicate openly with you. This in turn [...]

Creating Legends

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Murray Spangler worked as a janitor in Canton, a small town in Ohio, America. Murray suffered from asthma and the dust stirred up while he cleaned staircases and rugs made his health problems worse. Having given this matter some thought he came up with an ingenious solution. He took a soapbox, a fan, a silk [...]

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Drains and Radiators – Happiness at work

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Several years ago I read a book called How to be Brilliant by Michael Heppel, it was fantastic. I was working on quite a big customer service change project at the time and it totally changed my view on what we needed to do. Well not totally changed my view but we did take on [...]

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