Features and Benefits, what’s the difference?

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Nobody who bought an alarm clock wanted an alarm clock…   Last week I was running a sales training workshop with a group of experienced sales people. Some had been on previous training programmes over the years and all of them thought they could explain the difference between a Feature and a Benefit, [...]

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A Consultative Approach

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When it comes to sales understanding the requirements of clients/customers is extremely important. Of course you don't want to start selling them the wrong thing. The more time you take to get to know each key client in store and understand their needs, the more likely you are able to create rapport and trust. There are [...]

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Don’t say you ‘can’t’ when you can

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How many times do you hear yourself or other people say 'can't'? Too many? Often we have no idea whether we can actually do something or not because we have never actually tried! Imagine the things that we could do if we all freed ourselves from the limitations imposed by the word 'can't'. It’s interesting [...]

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Now if you have read any of our previous blogs then you will have probably heard us going on about something called Rapport. Well of course that's because it is really important when it comes to selling.Here is another technique that can help to build good rapport between you and your customers. Rapport is the [...]

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Consultative Selling Programme

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Last week our 3 day consultative selling training took place in London and we can happily say that it was a great few days. We definitely can't complain about the weather either, it was hot and sunny but it didn't affect anyone. We had Estate Agents, Mortgage Advisors, Catering Sales and even someone who works [...]

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Rapport Skills, building blocks for business growth

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Rapport is the foundation for effective communication and positive relationship-building. It stems from finding and/or creating common ground. The ability to build rapport with customers is vitally important. Why? Because, if you have rapport with your customers they are more likely to trust you, listen to you and communicate openly with you. This in turn [...]

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