22 06, 2021

Your Leadership Story

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A hearty mix of life experience, self-awareness, self-management, a few good theories to stand by, and a sprinkling of external factors - and a Leader is made. This tells us that leadership skills can be learnt and should be practiced well. It is useful to know about all the leadership models, theories, and behaviours, but it is practicing that develops strong leadership. Putting things into action, noticing the results, make changes to what you have done accordingly and then trying it again. Leadership should be a journey, not a destination. We hear a lot about leadership these days in [...]

23 04, 2019

The Boy Band Technique

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I was recently running a Presentation Skills workshop, which is one of my favourite courses to run. Seeing the change that people can make when they receive just a little feedback is very rewarding. During this workshop we were looking particularly at how people co-present in pairs or in groups. I introduced the workshop delegates to my theory “the Boy Band Technique”. Cast your mind back to the late 90’s, for those of us that have that memory, for those a little younger I should still be able to explain this one. In the late 90’s there was a [...]

4 07, 2017

Me, You, Everyone – Knowing the impact you have using 360 degree feedback

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There is no doubt about it, managing people is hard! No matter how much aptitude you have for leadership, and despite how much you might enjoy leading a team (or not), aligning employees to contribute in a way that is meaningful to your business is a challenging job. The complexity and difficulty of this grows with the size of the team and the impact of their contribution on the businesses strategy and goals, and ultimately it’s up to you to supervise, guide, coach and develop individuals for high performance in this setting. Managing their technical contribution is often straightforward, and [...]

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