[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]UK business and economy is back on track and is growing at it’s fastest pace since the downturn of the recession. However, since the experience of the recession businesses and business managers mindset has changed in the way they operate, now having a focus not slipping back in to hard times and the expectation on people within the business is higher. Ensuring that everything is in place for everyone in the organisation, Managers, Leaders and Employees to enable them to succeed is as crucial a part of the competitive advantage as is being competitive. In fact, having everything in place for everyone to succeed means that you will have competitive advantage.

Be agile and open to change…

What are you doing right now that allows all employees to achieve high performance to the best of their abilities?

Create a mind-set of change within every employee that enables them to think freely and develop plans and ideas to improve the business. Creating the mind-set in everyones means that you are not nearly trying to change individuals mind-set each time something new comes up, you are ready for the someone new and everyone plays their part and creates the right actions to move forward. An employee working in their own department who only has focus for their results is less effective than an employee who is considerate of their role within the business and takes stock of the impact they have across the business and drives their own accountability for the whole business. Shifting the mind-set of a leader can have a dramatic effect on all aspects of the business, The Leaders Mood Is Infectious and each employee will follow their leader.

Develop strong Leaders and amazing Managers

Creating a Coaching Culture in business is one of the most effective and quickest ways to effect real change in mind-set. This can be a heavy investment up front being a cost on time and money, there is no doubt that leadership development can give tangible business benefits. It is the deliverables from any development programme that will far outweigh the costs involved.

Generally most managers and leaders come to a development programme with a clear set of needs for the business that they want to overcome. Such as “Doing more with less resource”, “Managing Communication Effectively”, “Managing their team more effectively” , A lot of the time we see an issue around relinquishing control, some senior leaders not wanting to give everything away. There are confidence issues here too as some feel they are just waiting to be found out that they may not be as good as they say they are. This can manifest itself in being overbearing, controlling and non development of the people around them. This then has an impact on the team as a whole, accountability evaporates, agility is lost and the business slows down. It’s no surprise that the number one reason for employees leaving an organisation is due to their manager.

Coaching works by the coach leading the individual to a place where they can set their goals around the change they want to make. This could be personal and professional. A clear set of goals and objectives are defined and a plan to measure the success is put in place. One thing that is commonly lacking when setting objectives in business is the motivating factors. Read more about SMART motivating goals. If a person isn’t motivated by the goal then they will not achieve it.

Being able to track the impact of coaching across an organisation will build confidence in both leaders and employees. The business will begin to see the tangible effect that coaching is having and the individual will buy in to the coaching more and thus driving the coaching culture that is desired. In time employees being to coach each other and the business begins to have a more rounded approach to development. Everybody is part of the development of the business as they are for each other and become more agile and adaptable as they move forward.

The Coaching Culture is for EVERYONE…

Business tend to focus their efforts on development programmes for Managers and Leaders. This is understandable as they have the most impact across the business on employees and results. A coaching culture is for everyone in the business and the Managers and Leaders are not the only ones would would benefit from coaching development. Yes, develop Managers and Leaders to be the best and have a mind-set to coach and develop agile teams. Develop teams to interact and communicate with each other to further develop and make stronger the coaching culture.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]