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Bespoke Consultancy

Learning Cog aims to provide training that is practical and effective that improves business performance by designing and delivering cost effective solutions. This means that we design bespoke solutions to meet your unique requirements. Some of the business skills workshop courses cover the types of skills needed in most roles, for example assertiveness, communication and presentation skills as well as coaching and leadership development.

Learning Cog work internationally with global organisations such as Rentokil Initial PLC where we are working across Europe and Asia delivering a Leadership Development Programme for over 200 senior members of the Leadership Team.

Why do you need bespoke, in house, training?

The current economic climate has highlighted key areas – such as leadership, management, sales and organisational change – where improved performance and proven competencies can give companies a real competitive edge. Discerning businesses looking for growth rather than survival have seen that by simply developing the people in the company to reach their potential has an almost instant impact on the growth, revenue and engagement with the organisation.
Designing bespoke training specific to the needs of your organisation can and will generate healthy growth.

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