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Is competition good for small businesses?

By |2014-01-09T14:47:58+01:00January 9th, 2014|Leadership, Management, Sales, Success, Uncategorized|

Many people when running a business think it's a good idea to try and avoid competition within the market. Now everyone has their own opinion, it really depends on the type of business you are running and the people that you work with. It doesn't work for everyone. BUT here are a few reasons why [...]

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A Consultative Approach

By |2013-12-13T11:48:40+01:00December 13th, 2013|Consultative Selling, Sales, Sales Performance|

When it comes to sales understanding the requirements of clients/customers is extremely important. Of course you don't want to start selling them the wrong thing. The more time you take to get to know each key client in store and understand their needs, the more likely you are able to create rapport and trust. There are [...]

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Courage Comes From Within

By |2013-11-20T16:44:51+01:00November 20th, 2013|Belief, Passion|

I'm a Celebrity started this weekend and as much as I enjoyed watching it and laughing at their fear and discomfort  it got me thinking. These celebrities have got to be pretty courageous to want to do something like that! Where do they get the courage to jump out of a plane and eat cockroaches? [...]

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Why Leaders Fail

By |2013-11-07T14:03:30+01:00November 7th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Being a leader is an important job. Many people will look up to you and follow you and it is your job to make sure that yourself and them are successful in what you do. This isn't easy and being unprepared as a leader can result in failure. As Benjamin Franklin said "By failing to [...]

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How confident do you seem to others?

By |2013-10-10T14:46:34+01:00October 10th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it. Self-confident people inspire confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. [...]

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Leadership Characteristics

By |2019-03-25T10:24:24+01:00October 4th, 2013|Leadership, Management|

To some people being a leader just comes naturally for others it needs to be worked at. However it is possible for anyone to be a leader as long as they possess a few key skills and characteristics that makes a successful leader. It's not an easy role you know. [...]

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Don’t say you ‘can’t’ when you can

By |2013-09-27T14:57:31+01:00September 27th, 2013|Consultative Selling, Goal Setting, Sales, Sales Performance, Success|

How many times do you hear yourself or other people say 'can't'? Too many? Often we have no idea whether we can actually do something or not because we have never actually tried! Imagine the things that we could do if we all freed ourselves from the limitations imposed by the word 'can't'. It’s interesting [...]

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Management and Leadership. Is there a difference?

By |2013-09-19T15:24:05+01:00September 19th, 2013|Leadership, Management, Success|

I was browsing the internet earlier today when I stumbled across an article on The Guardian online site. It was as if it had been placed there purposely as it was perfect for me to base todays blog on. The article was based on outlining the difference between leadership and management, two distinct concepts that [...]

Importance of Teamwork

By |2019-03-25T10:41:51+01:00September 12th, 2013|Uncategorized|

The Importance of teamwork Teamwork in a workplace is vital but not many people understand exactly why. Teamwork in the work place offers the company and the staff the ability to become more familiar with each other and learn how to work together. There are several ways in which teamwork [...]

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Why Insights Works…

By |2013-08-28T21:58:28+01:00August 28th, 2013|Belief, Engagement, High Performance Culture, Insights Discovery, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Happiness, Organisational Performance, Passion, Success|

Insights Discovery Colour Wheel Businesses around the world put a high value on Psychometric profiling tools and reports as part of Managment and Leadership development programs to assist individuals in gaining knowledge and understanding of their strengths & weaknesses, areas for development and potential blind spots. The Insights Discovery® profile is a fun, [...]

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He makes it look so easy

By |2013-08-15T10:59:36+01:00August 15th, 2013|Leadership|

Even the biggest leaders are allowed a vacation every so often. While his daughters are away at summer camp, Barack Obama is enjoying his annual vacation at Martha's Vineyard this week with his wife and of course their family dog, Bo. They arrived by helicopter late Saturday and intend to stay for the rest of [...]

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By |2013-08-07T15:37:51+01:00August 7th, 2013|Consultative Selling, Customer Service, Sales, Sales Performance|

Now if you have read any of our previous blogs then you will have probably heard us going on about something called Rapport. Well of course that's because it is really important when it comes to selling.Here is another technique that can help to build good rapport between you and your customers. Rapport is the [...]

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Passion and Belief… the driving force behind successful business

By |2013-07-31T11:54:15+01:00July 31st, 2013|Belief, Engagement, Goal Setting, Happiness, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Happiness, Organisational Performance, Passion, Sales, Sales Performance, Success, The Happiness Effect|

passion and belief, the driving force behind successful business   I just watched “Peter Jones meets...” I have been working flat out for the last few weeks and took some time today to catch up on some of the television I had been recording. I won’t get in to telling you about the [...]

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Face-To-Face Communication

By |2019-03-25T10:04:14+01:00July 26th, 2013|Customer Service, Engagement, Sales|

Body language is 48% more powerful than words according to Robert Birdwhistle's research in 1970. Face-to-Face communication is based on 3 factors: our body language, our voice qualities and the words that we use. In fact, most of our communication happens non-verbally.  Contrary to popular belief, what we say is actually [...]

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Consultative Selling Programme

By |2013-07-25T12:54:35+01:00July 25th, 2013|Consultative Selling, Sales, Uncategorized|

Last week our 3 day consultative selling training took place in London and we can happily say that it was a great few days. We definitely can't complain about the weather either, it was hot and sunny but it didn't affect anyone. We had Estate Agents, Mortgage Advisors, Catering Sales and even someone who works [...]

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Fulfilling Requirements – Positive Language

By |2013-07-11T14:56:18+01:00July 11th, 2013|Customer Service, Sales, Sales Performance|

Language is a very powerful tool and the way you express yourself will affect whether your proposals are received positively or negatively. Even when you are conveying unpleasant news, the impact can be softened byt the use of what we call positive language. Everything you say to your customers affects their thoughts and emotions. If [...]

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Dealing with stress

By |2019-03-25T10:13:45+01:00June 26th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Stress is very common and everyone feels stressed from time to time whether it is due to work or other things but there are many ways to try and reduce your stress levels and make you feel yourself again. First of all if you are feeling stressed it is always [...]

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What’s your learning style?

By |2013-06-20T10:29:00+01:00June 20th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Everyone learns in a different way and everyone has a preferred learning style in which they learn best. There are many styles and models one of the most common is the Neil Fleming's VAK model. Visual Learners Auditory Learners Kinesthetic Learners Fleming believed that everyone learns best in one of these three ways. Visual is [...]

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Five Top Tips To Closing A Sale

By |2013-06-10T16:02:15+01:00June 10th, 2013|Sales, Sales Performance, Success|

Do you struggle with closing sales? Well here are our five top tips to increasing your chance of closing a sale. There are many closing techniques that you can use and every manager will have a particular technique that they prefer. Sometimes the one which you choose to use could depend on the customer and [...]

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When setting a goal think SMART

By |2013-05-29T16:15:37+01:00May 29th, 2013|Goal Setting, Leadership, Sales, Success|

When trying to set a goal it is often, well more than often useful to have a guide or something that you can follow when setting an objective. This minimises the risk of setting unrealistic and unclear expectations and optimises the chance for success. A guide for setting a goal is useful whether it be [...]

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Rapport Skills, building blocks for business growth

By |2013-04-02T12:52:26+01:00April 2nd, 2013|Consultative Selling, Customer Service, Engagement, High Performance Culture, Sales, Sales Performance, Success|

Rapport is the foundation for effective communication and positive relationship-building. It stems from finding and/or creating common ground. The ability to build rapport with customers is vitally important. Why? Because, if you have rapport with your customers they are more likely to trust you, listen to you and communicate openly with you. This in turn [...]

Sales Activator – What is Consultative Selling?

By |2013-03-26T16:30:57+01:00March 26th, 2013|Organisational Performance, Sales, Sales Performance, Success|

Consultative selling is a highly regarded sales technique used by sales people that provide the products and services that best meets their customer's needs as opposed to using traditional pushy selling selling tactics to get the sale by any means necessary. Adopting a consultative sales approach means not selling something to a customer that he [...]

Creating Legends

By |2013-03-20T16:10:42+01:00March 20th, 2013|Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Happiness, Organisational Performance, Sales, Sales Performance, Success|

Murray Spangler worked as a janitor in Canton, a small town in Ohio, America. Murray suffered from asthma and the dust stirred up while he cleaned staircases and rugs made his health problems worse. Having given this matter some thought he came up with an ingenious solution. He took a soapbox, a fan, a silk [...]

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Drains and Radiators – Happiness at work

By |2013-03-14T13:27:17+01:00March 14th, 2013|Customer Service, Engagement, Happiness, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Happiness, Organisational Performance, Sales, Sales Performance, Success, The Happiness Effect|

Several years ago I read a book called How to be Brilliant by Michael Heppel, it was fantastic. I was working on quite a big customer service change project at the time and it totally changed my view on what we needed to do. Well not totally changed my view but we did take on [...]

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Relationship Selling for High Street Growth

By |2013-03-04T16:10:06+01:00March 4th, 2013|Engagement, Goal Setting, Great British High Street, High Performance Culture, Sales|

The great british high street is quickly becoming nothing more than a set of abandoned stores and a customer-less zone. High street store closures increased last year as Clinton Cards and Game where given the shock of administration. Price Waterhouse Coopers have reported that the net number of store closures in 2012 was around 1800 [...]

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Relationships for Continuous Growth

By |2013-02-25T13:02:55+01:00February 25th, 2013|Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Performance, Sales Performance, Success|

Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence I recently read that Carnegie Institute of Technology have presented research that shows 85% of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering”, the way that you communicate, lead, negotiate and build relationships. This means that only 15% is down to your technical ability. The last [...]

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Good Boss, Bad Boss

By |2013-02-18T14:02:22+01:00February 18th, 2013|Engagement, Happiness, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Performance, Success|

  “No one ever left an organisation, they leave Managers”, I heard this said recently at a seminar I was attending. I have heard it said many many times before and have, on occasion, said something similar myself. In part, I think it is true but it is not as black and white as was [...]

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Platform P.R.I.D.E

By |2013-02-11T09:36:22+01:00February 11th, 2013|Engagement, Happiness, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Happiness, Organisational Performance, The Happiness Effect|

I ran across the car park at Haywards Heath train station on Wednesday morning, keeping my head down from the wind and rain and hoping I wasn’t going to miss the train. I didn’t, in fact I had ten minutes until the train arrived. I looked for somewhere warm to hide and everywhere was taken [...]

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Teamwork for High Performance

By |2013-02-04T14:00:33+01:00February 4th, 2013|Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Goal Setting, High Performance Culture, Leadership, Organisational Culture, Organisational Performance, Sales Performance|

In a recent survey, People Management, have highlighted the effects that Leaders have on their organisation when they don’t lead and manage effectively. The survey reports that around four in ten managers do not resolve conflict effectively and thus this leads to a lack of team work and low engagement. This low engagement is evident [...]

The Power of Failure

By |2013-01-28T17:48:21+01:00January 28th, 2013|Goal Setting, Leadership, Organisational Performance, Success|

The most successful people in the world right now and throughout history are so because they dared to fail in order to succeed. There is no failure, only feedback.... Of course there is failure. If you take a driving test or exam you either pass or fail. Sales people will either succeed in achieving their [...]

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