The strength of LearningCog lies in the wealth of development and training expertise that comes from the hands-on background of every associate in the team.

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Who are LearningCog?

LearningCog is a highly successful independent training and development consultancy, specialising in the design and delivery of open programme and bespoke Business Development Programmes that deliver a positive and sustainable impact on the growth of your business. We expertise in Management and Leadership Development, Sales Development, Business Performance, Coaching and Team Building.

We work with our clients to deliver measurable and profitable improvement, focusing on the key issues and challenges facing your business. We take our findings and translate them into tailor-made programmes aimed at developing the talent within your organisation so that Managers, Leaders and Sales people can inspire business growth.

Ric Hayden
Ric HaydenFounder of LearningCog Ltd
LearningCog was founded by Ric Hayden, a certified trainer, facilitator, coach & consultant. A Learning and Development Specialist with many years experience working in global corporations, working at a senior level planning strategic and operational organisational development. Ric’s experience spans business management, logistics, customer operations, sales and service. He has been involved with global mature businesses, worked with small to medium size businesses and has significant experience in turnaround and change management.

Emma Church
Emma ChurchSenior Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach
Emma is a highly experienced learning and development consultant, with a passion for improving people’s work place performance. Thriving on providing professional creative solutions to people development needs in complex organisations including the private and public sector. Whether it’s working with an individual, senior management or large teams, improving performance is always a key goal. A proven track record in working within challenging workplace environments.
Anjie Carless
Anjie CarlessSenior Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach
Anjie has over 20 years of experience in Leadership and Management roles and has delivered training to a variety of client groups at all levels over a period of more than 15 years. Anjie works with key stakeholders to ensure that their aims and objectives create the required change in capability level, skills, knowledge and behaviours. By defining learning and development needs, Anjie has evaluated process, tools and initiatives to address these needs, predominantly using coaching and feedback to create effective succession planning and transitional programmes. Anjie is enthusiastic, open and personable and her main passion is to support others to discover their own answers.
Sarah Akanbi
Sarah AkanbiConsultant, Facilitator, Coach
Sarah is an experienced HR Director who has focussed on company culture, behaviour and communication. She has spent 12 years working with small/medium size businesses and specifically businesses growing and going through change at a rapid pace. Her experience spans across various industries including Technology, Construction, Employee Engagement, Media/Advertising and Private Equity. Sarah has been an Insights practitioner since 2012 and delivered programmes globally. She is passionate about getting people engaged in the right roles and into teams that are working beautifully together.
Lisa Sparrowhawk
Lisa SparrowhawkFacilitator, Trainer and Coach
Lisa has a wealth of experience in Coaching, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Training Delivery, Facilitation, HR and Health and Fitness with over 20 years industry experience in Energy, Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance, Charity, Retail and Fitness. Lisa has a proven track record in delivering key business initiatives and programs internationally, dedicated to providing highly effective solutions and interventions. Lisa demonstrates excellent communication skills when facilitating and presenting national corporate events and global programs.
Stephen Reilly
Stephen ReillyFacilitator, Trainer, Coach, Consultant
Stephen is a career coach who inspires managers to take action, ensuring they have the necessary skills to lead and motivate their teams. He has worked for over 25 years as a senior manager within various transport and logistics organisations, gaining valuable experience in domestic and international transport, logistics and warehousing. Stephen’s career coaching covers leadership development, communication, coaching techniques as well as interview training and preparation.
Emma Newman
Emma NewmanCertified Trainer, Facilitator and Researcher
Emma has designed and delivered bespoke training programmes for larger corporate offices to universities and smaller consultancies. Emma is a highly experienced market researcher and many of her training programmes are tailored towards researchers – primarily in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. As well as providing training, Emma has also recently started working more closely with LearningCog to provide an independent evaluation of our programmes.

Amy Reynolds
Amy ReynoldsAssociate Facilitator, Trainer and Coach
Amy is a Specialist in team development, personality profiling and coaching, with a background in the global Banking/Financial Services. Amy has 8 years working with and developing senior leaders and teams including the delivery of a range of team development programmes in international, multi-cultural corporate environments.

Case Studies

Sometimes seeing how other companies do things can be the best way to decide what’s right for you and your organisation.


Rentokil – Country Management Development Programme

Rentokil Initial Delivering Change & Management Style Rentokil Initial are a world leading services company specialising in Pest Control, Hygiene, Medical Services, Workwear and Plants through their company Ambius. Due to fast expansion through Asian markets and the merging of all businesses into one entity, Rentokil Initial were looking to deliver a Leadership development [...]


boohoo – Leadership Development Programme

bohoo Our Client The Client is one of the fastest growing online international retailers, based in Manchester and dealing in affordable fashion for Generation Y. Since its conception in 2006, the e-commerce pioneer has experienced astronomic growth going from employing just three members of staff to over 500 people. Leadership Management Obstacles [...]

LearningCog Blog

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Insights discovering can offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to improve their staff members communication skills. As a result, this could be well worth considering as an option alongside other communication strategies and our friendly experts here at LearningCog are on hand to help with this. As a result, [...]

  • Corporate Leadership Training

Why is Corporate Leadership Training Essential for Business Success?

Regardless of your industry, ensuring your business has invested in the right type of training is essential - and this is something that we here at Learning Cog understand better than most. In line with this thought, today, we’re looking at some of the main reasons that corporate leadership [...]

  • Management Consultant

How Can a Management Consultant Help My Business?

What Is The Role of a Management Consultant? The role of a management consultant is to provide expert advice and guidance to organisations seeking to improve their performance, solve specific problems, or implement changes. Management consultants work with businesses to assess their current operations, identify areas for improvement and [...]

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Our Customer Success Stories

“Ric’s energetic approach was extremely engaging and his understanding regarding all things ‘Insights’ was clear from the outset. This then translated (through a flawless training technique) into valuable information passed onto myself and my colleagues. It was clear that Ric was passionate about what he was teaching us and he took the time to explain, in depth, all of our results. He was not shying away from any points that people did not agree with, although in my case especially there were not any as the results were spot on and I found myself nodding over enthusiastically as I read my report.”

Alex Wilkinson, Place2Be

“Ric has recently delivered a first-rate bespoke package of consultative sales training for our company. In designing the programme, Ric had taken time in advance to really understand our requirements and ensure that these were more than adequately met. Ric’s professionalism and his naturally friendly and open style made for the perfect combination to ensure that the entire group remained engaged throughout. Participant feedback at the end of the training was glowing and unanimous in capturing just how much everyone had learnt and had acquired new skills in a short space of time. All of this was down to Ric’s delivery, insights, guidance and direction that he had provided over the three days. Without any hesitation I would recommend Ric and Learning Cog to anyone looking for the right learning and development solution.”

“The programme was a great way to help myself as an individual understand not only the needs of my teams and other roles within the business and how to work with these other areas but also gain a further understanding into myself and my own ways of workings and how to improve and build on this. The insight training was a great way of communicating the ways in which we manage teams and other areas of the business and helps to promote further improvements and skills to new ways of working and also building on current strengths, Also fun and engaging throughout the programme.”

“Without doubt, Ric’s point of differentiation is his commitment to making his sales training personal. He goes to great lengths to understand the culture and mind-set of the audience but also to ensure that not only the content, but the environment is tailored to the audience, in order to break down the usual barriers to learning. His enthusiasm is infective and even the most hardened ‘ arms folded- impress me’ types are soon willing participants in his engaging sessions. A true professional who our team ask for again and again.”

“Ric is an exemplary trainer and whom we hold dear. He gets engrossed in the culture and role of those he is training to not only deliver as a trainer but as a coach and mentor. His creativity in approach to deliver in the most impactful and engaging way possible, has the unusual ability to transform the most dry subject into a highly practical and engaging experience, which our client.”

I have to say that it is a Godsend that we completed our training with you at the time we did.   The principles have been invaluable to us as we have attempted to navigate our way through some unprecedented managerial waters these last few weeks.  Knowing our colours (and how they manifest themselves in times of stress) has averted many a spat and we are all noticing how calm, purposeful and focussed our collective decision making has been.

Joanne Creighton, Canterbury Oast Trust

“The course combined both practical and theoretical learning to provide a well balanced structure. From a personal perspective, the insight into my own Management style and how I convey this to others has helped me to develop and/ or reinforce working relationships within the company.”

“This course takes your leading skills to the next level, it makes it easier to understand a problem and then how to solve it. It feels like I have a brand new tool case with me wherever I go.”

“Our Insights training day delivered by LearningCog was a truly refreshing and enlightening day that really engaged our managers in the importance of building effective relationships to be able to manage, adapt and connect with their teams. Ric is a highly competent and experienced trainer who shared his extensive knowledge of the science behind Insights with his infectious enthusiasm and commitment. I have no hesitation in recommending LearningCog to any company who are looking for practical, interactive and engaging learning events that really meet the needs of colleagues and their businesses.”

“All of our team really enjoyed attending The Insights day with Ric and have not stopped talking about it since! The day is not only fun, but also extremely enlightening in getting to know the working preferences of your colleagues. It was brilliant to see the range of personalities and dispositions across our team. I loved receiving a personalised, tailor made report and was surprised about how accurate it was. Ric’s friendly and open approach made the day even more pleasurable and I would recommend the day to any organisation looking to combine an illuminating experience with some great team-bonding.”

Caroline Davis, Place2Be

“This workshop was a fantastic mix of Management Development, with and engaging and entertaining training style. The “insight” that we took away from this training has proved invaluable to our business and the way we manage and communicate with employees and customers. I would recommend LearningCog to any organisation or individual looking for inspirational but practical development.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the leadership program. Ric helped to deliver digestable information that can be easily implemented on a personal and team level and really drive value back to the business. the programme was well crafted into manageable sized chunks. it has personally helped me with guiding my team and helping progress them to the next level. also has identified in high level detail my own personal strengths and weaknesses giving me solid foundations to work on.”

“Ric is an enthusiastic motivator, structured and willing to give a lot of himself in his training sessions. He gives you energy and a lot of new inspiration and skills for yourself and the group he’s training. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.”

“In a business with the growth boohoo rates has experienced many managers went from managing 1 or 2 people to sometimes have teams of 10 or more, within the space of 12-18 months. Having a leadership programme to support this learning on your feet was invaluable. There were clear steps in this program starting to understand you and the impact of your behaviour through the colour energies and 360 review process. Then moving on for you to use this to understand your team better and how to support and motivate them to drive results. You were also able to break this down into bite sized chucks so that others in the team managing people can cascade this down.”

Natasha Hackett, Head of Brand,

“Ric is a very good trainer. His courses have been very enjoyable in terms of the content and the delivery. Loads of practical plus group participation. Great!”

Carolyn Meosa, DX

“This program worked on self awareness which at first I doubted would be beneficial to the business, how wrong was I. I have really enjoyed this program it has strengthened my relationship with my peers and most importantly my Line Manager. It has improved how we communicate with each other and has armed me with the knowledge of how to continue the teams development, I would have no hesitation in recommending this program to any other organisation or individual looking to develop themselves and their teams.”

“The Leadership Programme has been an incredibly worthwhile experience and a sound investment for Whilst some managers have been through similar programmes in other organisations, to some it was the first time they have ever experienced management training and the self-awareness that it has brought is invaluable. The insight that the programme has given into both our own, and our peers dominant/preferred working styles has manifested itself in a stronger and more cohesive management team and I don’t think it is any coincidence that parallel to the improvement in team morale is a significant increase in sales.”

“The Insights session delivered by LearningCog gave my team a great overview of our diverse characteristics and some really practical pointers on how to adapt our individual styles in order to get the best out of other team members. Ric struck the right balance between making the session really informative, and fun.  It was a really interactive session and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a team building event with a purpose. The whole experience of dealing with LearningCog, from initial booking and planning through to delivery, was really smooth and we would definitely use them again.”

“Ric is a first class teacher / mentor who obviously plans all of his courses well in advance to fit his students. He gently gets the best out of his students while still getting them out of their comfort zone, with the well managed role plays. Would fully recommend this course to any new or seasoned sales Personnel!”

Sean Wear, Consultative Selling

“This programme has given the management team encouragement that both strengths and weaknesses are a positive, it has identified how to adopt your strengths to gain management buy in and how to coach and mentor your teams through their various levels of development.”

“Good programme for our teams as offered practical advise and tips not just theory.”

“I would highly recommend Ric and the course to any company looking to empower their sales team with a fresh and dynamic approach. Excellent company and product knowledge helped to not only gain credibility with the team, but keep their attention by discussing relevant topics and scenarios.”

“As a young entrepreneurial company we have lots of self-taught managers. This course has built confidence in them and given them the skills and framework to manage much more effectively. The leadership programme has built on my originally self taught management style. I feel I now have the tools and confidence to manage and develop a team effectively and also to work alongside my peers having more productive conversations and a greater insight into them both personally and individually. The programme was very enjoyable with all learning styles catered for and I feel I have taken a lot away from the experience both relevant within the workplace and personally.”

“Ric’s Manager in Me/ Insights Program was very educational and helped me understand how to read and understand my staff better.”

David Arnold, DX

“Ric recently ran a course through Learning Cog for our company sales people. Following a number of really enjoyable & energetic days of learning and developing both professionally and personally from Ric I am more than happy to highly recommend him. I have been using the skills he taught me to wonderful effect. When I read Winston Churchills quote ‘I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught’, I can only wish he had the opportunity to learn from Ric Hayden.”

“The programme gave our managers invaluable insight into how good management techniques can motivate teams, optimise their output and improve business performance.The course highlighted the benefits of having people with diverse characteristics in a team and how to successfully manage relationships within that diversity. Managers who struggled with team relationships because of differences in style have started to adopt differing management techniques to get the best out of individuals. Anyone looking for a training programme that delegate are certain to find interest, enjoyable and of benefit to themselves and their businesses should consider this course.”

“I have sat on some courses over a number of years each giving me something but none with quite the impact this one has had on a work and personal level I had forgotten how great the tool of listening really is and arms us with so much knowledge to catch those all important fish. I am using SPEC in all sorts of different approaches.”

“The company I work for approached Learningcog to help improve our selling skills within a team of designers. So far we have had two sessions and I have found them to be incredibly interesting, thought provoking and so many useful points that you can come away with and put in to practice. I am looking forward to the next session and I personally think Ric is a great teacher, motivator and very encouraging.”

Noel Fitzgerald, Design Interiors

“The programme took on an informal and open learning approach which suits a dynamic business It came at a time the business was going through change with new structure levels and therefore helped understand and adapt to the different character types effectively.”

Melanie Strothers, Head of Buying,

“Having been recommended to Ric for leadership mentoring I am very glad for the introduction. Ric has a creative approach utilising skills and experience gained from a very successful corporate career. Although he provides a range of training solutions he manages to turn these into bespoke coaching so that your development continues beyond the course and the skills learnt are implemented into your day to day business.”