When it comes to sales understanding the requirements of clients/customers is extremely important. Of course you don’t want to start selling them the wrong thing.

The more time you take to get to know each key client in store and understand their needs, the more likely you are able to create rapport and trust.

There are a number of deciding factors in gaining their commitment to your proposed actions. A consultative sales approach focuses on gaining an in-depth appreciation of each of your key clients requirements before proposing any actions. This approach can make the sales process very simple. A successful presentation involves finding out what your key clients want and then matching our Principals’ products to their specific requirements.


consultative sales approach

Want to see more of this going on in your team?

Discuss this consultative approach with your team. How similar is it to what they do now? What might they do differently? Ask your team to consider what your stores’ needs might be and identify how they could match their Principal’s objectives to meet these needs.