The Happiness Effect

The Happiness Effect

The sun comes out and a wonderful thing happens across the country, everyones state of happiness is elevated. Even more so on a Friday as everyone leaves work for the weekend full of wonder at what the days of rest may bring. Bear gardens fill up with the chitter chatter of happy engaging in happy times.

I was in a business today that I had been doing some work with and realised that all this was happening without the aid of a beer garden. Everyone was going about their daily work with big smiles on their faces. I began to think about a time when I had been in the office and this wasn’t the case, I couldn’t find one…

This was a serious case of The Happiness Effect working it’s magic. Lot’s of organisations spend their time trying to work out what the elusive blueprint is to have an engaged workforce that love what they do and really, really want to be there doing it. Even when the job is hard work, and customers are even harder work and everyone is doing the work of two or three people. It was happening right here.

Businesses and organisations looking for growth have shown that simply by understanding and developing engagement across their business, it has an almost instantaneous impact on performance, and for commercial organisations on their bottom line. In fact, research shows that organisations achieving double-digit growth have extremely high levels of workforce and customer engagement. The quickest and most cost effective way to build engagement is by developing leaders, executive boards, entrepreneurs, senior management and sales teams, EVERYONE in the fine art of “Engagement”. Not just to engage with the business and their jobs, but to engage with themselves. Understand where their inner happiness comes from and how they can use that to go about their work and life.

Develop the understanding of personal happiness across all people in the business results in the development and growth of the business. By doing so you create higher levels of engagement and everyone begins to give that extra effort to the business.

Why? Because as the pace of change has speeded up and old certainties started to fade, people began to realise that the old-fashioned command-and-control style of leadership, communicating, and selling wasn’t cutting it. The heart is more important than the head when it comes to motivating people and connecting with customers.

People with a strong understanding of their own personal happiness posses high levels of self-esteem and are comfortable in their own skin. They are genuine and authentic. Whilst they have the ability to adapt their behaviour, essentially they are always true to their real self. As a result they appear dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate. They listen to their intuition and communicate from their hearts as well as their heads.

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