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Lot’s of  organisations use assessment centers as their main recruitment process, and see huge benefits from seeing candidates outside of a general interview.  They may last one or two days, are usually held as the first round of interviews and before the final selection. Attendees will be asked to take part in a number of activities or exercises during which multiple assessors will observe and rate individual performance.

Assessment centers can be used as part of a recruitment process, during change programs, during re-organisation of current teams and also as development centers to assess current level of competency.

Assessment centers typically include a number of elements:

Social/informal events: Individuals will be invited to meet a variety of people, including other candidates, assessors, and the wider staff and management team.

Psychometrics: work done by the individual prior to attending the assessment centre to to look at areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication or Leadership Evaluation

Information sessions: providing more detail about the business and the roles on offer.

Tests and exercises: designed to reveal the individuals ability and potential. Assessors measure against a set of competencies. Each exercise is designed to assess one or more of these areas. This could be int he form of case study, in-tray exercises, Group Exercises and Presentations

A typical assessment day for up to twelve applicants:

9 am Start and Welcome everyone with coffee and time to socialise
10 am In-Tray Exercises
11am Break
11.15am Role-Play Coaching Sessions
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Group Communication Exercise
2.30pm 121 Competency based Interviews
3.30pm Self Evaluation
4pm Close

An Assessment Centre would then be folowed by a de-brief where all assesors would share thoughts and views on the candidate to deliver a final recomendation. A feedback report would also be written to share with the individual.

The following are examples of the skills and traits that businesses are likely as part of an assessment centre:
team working; communication; leadership; time management; listening; motivation and enthusiasm; data analysis; decision-making; influencing; creativity; integrity; initiative.

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