Discovering Team Effectiveness

Allow your team to focus on the challenges they need to overcome that are critical to their success.

Discovering Team Effectiveness helps your teams to build rapport in order to maintain stronger relationships and higher levels of productivity. Teams work towards and achieve collective goals, deal with any issues that arise by unlocking the potential when they need it the most.

Discovering Team Effectiveness is ideal if you want to:

•    be aware of your team’s strengths and development areas
•    have open, honest and engaging dialogue within the team
•    break down barriers that hold the team back
•    inspire continuous improvement as the team own their own action plan

Every team has a set of “Defining Moments” that will have an effect on how productive, happy and engaged team members are. When the team interact with each other well, motivation and performance are up. Discovering Team Effectiveness is a workshop using the Insights Discovery colour model, a simple easy to understand character profiling tool that allows team members to understand themselves and the people they work with. This workshop enables the team to identify the most important issues around the team developing and look for different problems and opportunities to remove barriers to effective performance. In doing so, your team dramatically increases their chances of success.

The possibilities are endless

Change in management, increased workloads, lack of innovation or simply a lack of rapport, Discovering Team Effectiveness can take a team from barriers to breakthrough by moving past any issues it is dealing with.

All Insights programmes run by LearningCog are:

Simple: Discovery Insights is easy to understand and remember, everyone can apply what they learn during and long after the workshop

Universal: everyone takes part and the language speaks to everyone, your whole team and organisation can be involved in the Insights magic

Deeply Insightful: the Discovery Insights profile takes you on a journey you never expected

Positive: creating an enviroment that empowers people to make effective change

Fun! all our workshops are fun and interactive that create excitiement long after the workshop has taken place

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