Discovering Sales Effectiveness

Develop a sales team that deeply understands your customers and their individual needs so that they exceed their targets today, tomorrow and in to the future

Discovering Sales Effectiveness helps your sales teams understand their strengths, identify their development areas and learns how to adapt their style to enable stronger rapport building with customers. The key to their success is building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Discovering Sales Effectiveness is perfect if you want to:

•   Boost your sales team self awareness and awareness of others
•   Develop sales professionals that get it right for the customer every time
•   Have sales professionals take hold of the sales process and own each stage
•   Build profitable, mutually beneficial relationships with each and every customer. Old or new…

The possibilities are endless

Every great sales person is aware of their own strengths, skill set and areas to focus for development. Truly great sales people recognise the difference between them and the people around them and have strategies to adapt their behaviour based on the understanding they have.
Every Customer has needs, they expect more from the sales person and want them to be their consultant rather than receive the hard sell. Expectations and motivations are different from customer to customer. Discovering Sales Effectiveness is programme that explores the options as well as looking at the sales process to outline those key areas to develop and also how to capitalise on the strengths each sales person has.

This programme is interactive and gives insightful results which each sales person, or customer consultant, can put into practice immediately.

All Insights programmes run by LearningCog are:

Simple: Discovery Insights is easy to understand and remember, everyone can apply what they learn during and long after the workshop

Universal: everyone takes part and the language speaks to everyone, your whole team and organisation can be involved in the Insights magic

Deeply Insightful: the Discovery Insights profile takes you on a journey you never expected

Positive: creating an enviroment that empowers people to make effective change

Fun! all our workshops are fun and interactive that create excitiement long after the workshop has taken place

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