The Happiness Effect

The 2 Day Seminar

It can be very easy to believe that happiness is something external to us. That we have to do something first to be able to achieve it. That it’s a feeling we get when we reach a goal.

How often have you thought to yourself “when I get this, then I will be happy”?

This is a common trap. It get’s us stuck in a cycle of postponing feeling happiness now into constantly searching for it through other people, achievements and material gain. The truth is that only we can make ourselves happy and that happiness comes from within us.

The Happiness Effect, is a two day workshop designed to develop an understanding of our own individual happiness. Looking at how being happy effects our everyday life personally and professionally. How we can harness the power of our own inner happiness to get over the bad times, develop and grow our engagement with what we do every day.
 “Happiness is a state of inner fulfilment, not just the gratification of inexhaustible desires for outward things”Matthew Richard

This 2 day workshop will cover:
• Define our own happiness and what makes us Happy
• Develop your own authentic style that taps into what you need when you need it, and empower yourself
• Understand your energy and the factors that erode energy and confidence
• Discover what you value in life and work – what is important for you to feel on a daily basis
• Discover how easy you have made it to feel these values daily, and create new happiness rules to ensure you do
• The impact of positive and negative thoughts
• Simple techniques to switch your mood into feeling more positive
• Create a happiness mission statement to life your life by

The dates of the next available programme are 21st and 22nd June at The Grand Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton.Download a PDF for the workshop here
Contact us now to book your place by email or calling. The price for the two day workshop is £495. We currently have a two for one offer, bring a friend and split the cost.

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