Training & Development Programmes

Learning Cog arrange comprehensive, effective leadership training courses for a wide range of small and medium (SME’s) to large and global organisations looking to grow the skills of their leaders, managers and sales teams.

There is such a high value for your business in developing the skills of the people who manage it. Investing time in training has many benefits for your business:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff management leading to increased performance
  • Improved decision making & motivation
  • Better time management
  • Better results with improved team work
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Take a look at some of the courses we offer. We run open programmes and all of these can be run as in house programmes too. Get in touch to find out more 

Leader in Me

Our leadership training, Leader in Me is perfect for experienced managers, senior leaders, talent and high potentials, as well as business coaches/consultants.

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Discovery Insights – Managment and Communication

This unique workshop uses the Insights Discovery® personal profile to look at your character type. This enables us to help you understand your personal style and how you communicate as a Manager, Leader or in a Team.

Selling Skills Workshop – 1 Day

This one day selling skills development workshop for all sales people is a fast paced look through the skills needed to grow customer relationships and build long lasting value for each and every person you speak with.

Consultative Selling Workshop – 3 days

We take tried and tested consultative selling formulas, tools and techniques and give them the LearningCog experience. This develops a re-programme that will have all sales proffesinals immediately understanding their customer and generating more sales from the conversations they have everyday.

Negotiation Skills Workshop – 1 Day

We negotiate most things everyday, whether it is with suppliers or clients, colleagues in other departments, negotiation skills are important in today’s  environment. In one day we support delegates in understanding their skills and behaviours as negotiators.

Perfect Presentations – 2 days

Presentation, pitching and public speaking are at the heart of good business communications. If you are a manager, leader, sales person or a team member they are vital for any business. Come along to LearningCog’s 2 day presentation skills course an master all that you need to be a perfect presenter.

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass – 1 day

During Learning Cog’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Masterclass, starting with ‘Self-awareness’, we explain how to assess you own emotional intelligence and how to develop your EQ awareness. We also explain how emotional intelligence works at an organisational level and its importance as an essential ingredient of communication skills within the modern business framework.

The Happiness Effect – 2 Days

The Happiness Effect, is a two day workshop designed to develop an understanding of our own individual happiness. Looking at how being happy effects our everyday life personally and professionally. How we can harness the power of our own inner happiness to get over the bad times, develop and grow our engagement with what we do every day.

Discovery Insights Team Development – 1 Day

LearningCog’s Team Development Day is designed around the key objectives of your team. We draw together professional standards of facilitation, current best practice, cutting edge people development and wrap this up with the specific objectives that each person involved would like to meet.

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